Customized PU8150 Plastic Parts Made By Vacuum casting

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We only provide customized prototype services,  based on  detailed 3D drawings provide by customer. Ship us sample to build 3D drawing also available.


As a professional company provide custom rapid prototyping parts manufacturing services in China, we can offers custom polyurethane vacuum casting mold parts for rapid prototyping.

Attached pics is a plastic prototype, the material customer requested is PU 8150, it is used in exhibition, customer request it’s appearance must be very beautiful and aesthetic. So that the prototype can play a demonstrative role and attract the attention of exhibitors. So we do painting matte white on the prototype surface after vacuum casting, not only make the prototype looks better than smooth surface treatment, which can also protect the prototype appearance.

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Our Polyurethane Vacuum Casting Mold Parts Details

Technologies: vacuum casting

Material: ABS like – PU 8150

Finished: Painting matte white

Production time: 5-8 days

Let’s talk some more details about vacuum casting.

What is the vacuum casting?

This is a casting process for elastomers which uses a vacuum to draw any liquid material into the mold. Vacuum casting is used when air entrapment is a problem with the mold. Additionally, the process can be used when there are intricate details and undercuts on the mold.

What material can be vacuum cast?

Rubber – high flexibility.

ABS – high rigidity and strength.

Polypropylene and HDPR – high elasticity.

Polyamide and glass filled nylon – high rigidity.

Why choose vacuum casting?

High precision, fine detail: the silicone mold makes it possible to obtain parts totally faithful to the original model, even with the most complex geometries. ... Prices and deadlines: the use of silicone for the mold allows a reduction of costs compared to an aluminum or steel molds.

What are the limitations of vacuum casting progress?

Production Restriction: Vacuum casting is born for low volume production. The silicone mold has a short lifespan. It can produce as many as 50 parts.

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