CNC Machining Customized Rapid Prototype Of Aluminum Housing

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We only provide customized prototype services,  based on  detailed 3D drawings provide by customer. Ship us sample to build 3D model also available.


This is a housing prototyping is using in a machine, more like a bearing in our view. The prototype were made by CNC machining, produce 200 pieces only need 7 days. Due to its size is Ø91*52mm, not very big, structure also not complex, even we can said it’s very easy to progress. Customer was impressed with our work efficiency and provide high quality products.

We can easily identify from the picture that the prototype material is aluminum alloy, and the surface just normal smooth, without scratches and burrs.

For first quote, customer wanna use copper/ brass material to make because the previous similar part were made by cooper, but consider the cost-effective, without affecting the usage of the product, we suggest customer change into aluminum alloy material, it’s cheaper than copper and more easy to progress during CNC machining.

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And why we suggest using aluminum alloy material, reason as below:

Now more and more designers and engineers frequently choose aluminum and aluminum alloys for CNC machining and CNC milling parts. Makes sense. This all-purpose metal has been proven to offer:

1. Excellent processability

2. Good strength

3. Hardness is softer than steel

4. Heat tolerance

5. Corrosion resistance

6. Electrical conductivity

7. Low weight

8. Lower cost

9. Overall versatility

The most frequently used is Aluminum 6061 and Aluminum 7075. And why they are used often?

Aluminum 6061: Benefits include low cost, versatility, excellent corrosion resistance, and superior appearance after anodizing. Check data sheet for more information.

Aluminum 7075: Benefits include high strength, hardness, low weight, corrosion resistance, and high heat tolerance. Check data sheet for more information. 

From such simple project, can get a conclusion, we are a professional company, and we can consider from the customer's point of view, in order to provide customers with the best quality service .

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