Custom ABS Plastic Injection Molding Housing

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We only accept customized new mold to produce mass production, we don’t sell spot goods. Ship us sample to build 3D model also available.



So well after know the basic information about this plastic injection mold box, let talk some product particularity about it, as well as we know, the usual junction box usually need design hooks or screw holes to joint the upper cover and lower lid together, but this, we won’t need hook or screw holes, we use ultrasonic welding to make them into whole piece, that would the most successful idea when we made it.

  • Product name: ABS Ultrasonic Welding Plastic Injection Housing
  • Material: ABS with flame resistance
  • Mold cavity: 1*2
  • Color: Bright Yellow(PANTONE 102C)
  • Mold material: S136H
  • Surface request: Light texture, model MT11010
  • Mold life: 300 Thousand shots
  • Mold time: 46 seconds
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    What’s the Ultrasonic Welding?

    Ultrasonic welding (USW) is a solid-state welding process that produces a weld by local application of high-frequency vibratory energy while the work pieces are held together under pressure. ... The ultrasonic vibration is generated in a transducer and the vibration is transmitted through a coupling system or sonotrode.

    What material can Ultrasonic Welding used on?

    A technology called ultrasonic welding is used to assemble products from many industries -- ranging from medical devices to athletic shoes to automobiles. Typically, you can bond materials by using fasteners such as nails, screws or thread. This is appropriate for metals, wood, fabrics and plastics.

    And the Cost issues that most customers will consider.

    Is ultrasonic welding expensive?

    Ultrasonic welding offers many advantages to assemblers. ... “It is more expensive than resistance welding machinery, but less expensive than lasers.” Ultrasonic welding is much more cost-effective in the long run due to many factors, such as tooling, energy consumption and joint quality.

    Product Description

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    DTG Mould Trade Process


    According to sample, drawing and specific requirement.


    Mold material, cavity number, price, runner, payment, etc.

    S/C Signature

    Approval for all the items


    Pay 50% by T/T

    Product Design Checking

    We check the product design. If some position is not perfect, or can not be done on the mould, we will send customer the report.

    Mould Design

    We make mould design on the basis of confirmed product design, and send to customer for confirmation.

    Mold Tooling

    We start to make mold after mold design confirmed

    Mold Processing

    Send report to customer once each week

    Mold Testing

    Send trial samples and try-out report to customer for confirmation

    Mold Modification

    According to customer's feedback

    Balance settlement

    50% by T/T after the customer approved the trial sample and mould quality.


    Delivery by sea or air. The forwarder can be designated by your side.


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    Sale Services

    Our company provide good salesman for professional and promptly communication.

    We have strong designer teams, will support customer R&D, If the customer send us samples, we can make product drawing and do the modification as per customer request and send to customer for approval. Also we will accord our experience and knowledge to provide customers our technological suggestions.

    If our product have quality problem during our guarantee period, we will send you free for replace the broken piece; also if you have any issue in using our moulds, we provide you professional communication.

    Other Services

    We make the commitment of service as below:

    1.Lead time: 30-50 working days
    2.Design period: 1-5 working days
    3.Email reply: within 24 hours
    4.Quotation: within 2 working days
    5.Customer complaints: reply within 12 hours
    6.Phone call service: 24H/7D/365D 
    7.Spare parts: 30%, 50%, 100%, according to specific requirement 
    8.Free sample: according to specific requirement

    We guarantee to provide the best and quick mold service for customers!


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    Best design,competitive price


    20 years rich experience worker


    Professional in design & making plastic mould


    One stop solution


    On time delivery


    Best after-sale service


    Specialized in kinds of plastic injection molds.


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    DTG--Your reliable plastic mould and prototype supplier!

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