Car Fender Mold With Hot Runner System.

DTG MOULD has rich experience in manufacturing auto parts mould, we can offer tools from small precise parts to big complex automotive parts. such as Auto Bumper, Auto Dashboard, Auto Door Plate, Auto Grill, Auto Control Pillar,Auto Air Outlet, auto lamp Auto ABCD Column, Auto Fender,auto interiors & exterior parts, engine system ,cooling system components and high precision parts, etc. In the past years, We have all kinds of auto parts customers.


We designed hot runner for this big auto mold, we choose YUDO hot runner, this brand has after-sales service in most countries, which is very helpful for mold export, and it can reduce injection cycle time to help improve production efficiency, and hot runner won’t waste material, to some extent, it can reduce the production cost of products.


The material selected for the fender is PP material, which has good impact strength, good toughness, good surface scratch, gloss, wide adaptability to the environment and is not easy to crack; Non toxic, tasteless, density less than water, good insulation, etc.


Below are the technical mold description:

Auto parts Cavity / Core Steel:S136(HRC 48-52),NAK80

Mold cavity : 1*1

Surface treatment: Polishing surface

Product colorBlack

Mold BaseLKM,S50C or A & B Plate 50# Raw

Product material: PP

TD20 Mold Life: 300,000 to 500,000 shots

Gate Type: Hot runner turn into cold runner(Yudo)

Ejection system: Ejector pins Standard: Hasco,LKM

Cycle time: 46sec.

Mold building lead time: 4~5 weeks after design approval;

Main machining equipment: CNC, EDM, Wire cut,  EDM, Grinder, Lathe, etc.


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Post time: Nov-04-2021


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